Taleo Business Edition

Taleo Business Edition

We are the largest Oracle partner for Taleo Business Edition (TBE) consulting.  We have serviced over 400 TBE clients and completed over 1,500 projects since 2013.  We can help you make the most of your TBE investment regardless of your size or complexity.


We provide numerous flexible implementation options for Oracle HCM Midsize Talent Acquisition (Taleo Business Edition) modules: Recruit, Onboard, Perform and Compensation. With our tried and true methodology, we can have you up and running quickly and efficiently. Our experienced consultants will recommend best practices and will work with you to configure the software to best reflect your business requirements and process.

Fixed Cost Implementations – We offer four packages (Quick Start, Essential, Enhanced and Elite) that allow you to best match your budget to your implementation needs. Implementations start at $4,300 for implementing Recruit and Onboard in 8 weeks or less. These packages can be tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Success and Sustain Implementations – This option bundles implementation and three years of support to ensure ongoing success.  Support includes training, reporting, new feature education and system administration.

Integration and Data Migration Services

If you are looking to reduce or eliminate manual data entry or would like your users to have immediate access to real time data, we have an integration solution for your needs. We are experts at integrating Taleo Business Edition with many systems including: ADP Workforce Now, Paylocity, Paycom, Kronos, Ceridian, Colleague and Workday.  We also provide turnkey integrations between Taleo Business Edition and Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft, EBS and JD Edwards.

Our integrations include new hires, rehires, employees, job requisition, job codes, users, departments, locations and other special client needs.  Our proprietary middleware provides a unique degree of data validation and transformation as data flows between TBE and your HR/Payroll System.

For clients that have PeopleSoft for HR and Payroll, Newbury provides a robust point to point integration with TBE.  All integration processes are managed from PeopleSoft including data transformation and error handling. Our integration approach can address any unique requirements that are required to properly integrate with your PeopleSoft system.

Our integration platform also supports sophisticated data migration requirements.  Legacy data can be cleansed and transformed prior to loading into Taleo Business Edition.  Our data migration service can be used to migrate any data supported by Taleo APIs including: candidates, resumes, attachments, requisitions, notes and more.


Our experts will work with you to complete an end to end analysis of your Taleo Business Edition zone. Optimizations are ideal for organizations that have owned Taleo for a significant period of time. Over time, clients haven’t kept up with the quarterly releases, have had staff turnover or have changed business processes that are not reflected in their Taleo software. Our experts will walk through the system with you, offer best practice recommendations and reconfigure your system for optimal use.

You will realize immediate benefits including:

  • Improved efficiency and performance around your HR business processes and your entire HR team.
  • Streamlined hiring and onboarding of new employees.
  • A dramatically higher ROI on your Taleo Business Edition investment.
  • Decreased frustration for managers, new hires and users.
  • Higher levels of satisfaction and retention because key information is easily accessible by employees.

Remote System Administration & Support

High quality, post go live support for your system is critical for ensuring long term success. Newbury’s support programs are designed to keep your system running at its full potential as new features are released, new HR users are hired and business requirements change.  Many clients choose to outsource TBE system administration to Newbury rather than depend on a part time internal resource.

We offer both short and long term support options aligned with your budgetary requirements.  Newbury support is an ideal option to cover the administration of your system when you don’t have a full time administrator, during a leave of absence or while you are hiring new team members. Options include annual, quarterly, monthly or hourly support.

Newbury support services include:

  • Review of quarterly Oracle releases
  • Rapid adoption of new features
  • Configuration changes to support new business requirements
  • Monthly customer webcasts that highlight best practices


Taleo Business Edition can give you an abundance of key data for your strategic HR initiatives.  Accessing the data and being able to run key metrics can take many hours of work.   Our team can help you build these reports or provide training on the reporting functionality for your power users.


Many clients have ongoing training needs as new employees join their talent acquisition team.  Newbury provides personalized training programs for both project teams and end users.

We offer both virtual and onsite options on System Administration and End User Training for all Taleo Business Edition Modules. Our training is done in your system so your learners will have a complete understanding of how your process works within the software per your configuration.  We also offer custom guide creation for hands on documentation.


Newbury presents monthly webcasts and product demonstrations that provides customers and prospects with a deeper understanding of product solutions.  Register at Events to be included on our schedule notification list.

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"The seminar was very helpful. I am pretty sure that I learned more about how to use Taleo through your hour demo today than I have in all of the other “hands-off” demos I have done since I have been a Taleo user/admin. I’m looking forward to future sessions! "

- First time attendee of Newbury webcast