RPA For Staffing Industry

RPA is Taking Staffing Industry Recruiter Productivity & Back Office Efficiency to a Whole New Level

RPA is Taking Staffing Industry Recruiter Productivity & Back Office Efficiency to a Whole New Level

Improve Productivity

Robotic Process Automation is dramatically improving productivity and efficiency in staffing industry front and back office. Front office recruiters need to spend more time recruiting candidates and filling orders and less time on manual, repetitive tasks.  In the back office, many tasks associated with a weekly pay/bill process are manual and repetitive. Reducing the number of hours of administrative tasks for back office.

What Can RPA Do For Staffing/Recuitment Firms?

Front Office

  • Automatically refresh job board resumes for your candidates
  • Mass updates to close employee’s existing assignments and move to a new one
  • Automate compilation of email correspondence and conversation records to support litigation efforts.
  • Close a list of employee assignments and terminate in HR
  • Automate candidate submission back to VMS

Back Office

  • Retrieve weekly time from VMS sites
  • Reconcile VMS transactions
  • Process Timesheet images
  • Orchestrate “lights out” invoicing
  • Retrieve VMS payment details
  • Apply VMS payments in Accounts Receivables

RPA Works For You

We guide you through the deployment of RPA bots that automate manual processes in your front and back office. Newbury’s expertise in staffing industry automation since 2005 allows us to greatly accelerate your adoption of new technology.

RPA for the Staffing/Recruitment Industry

Newbury understands staffing industry process and Robotic Process Automation. Our rapid time to value program leverages pre-built bots that are specific to the staffing industry.  Our experts educate your team on RPA, build your first bot, and establish a benefit proof point. Our formula builds executive confidence to expand your RPA program with minimal investment and resource demand.

How to jump start your RPA initiative with minimal investment:

Step 1:

Schedule a free RPA consultation.

Step 2:

Prototype your first high value bot.

Step 3:

Track and measure your results.

We Understand ERP & RPA

Large staffing industry companies such as Randstad and Kelly Services have deployed extensive RPA programs.  Small and midsize staffing companies can now take advantage of RPA technology to drive productivity and efficiency to new levels.

  • Hyperautomation, a bot on every employees’ desk. Many organizations have seen tenfold improvement in employee productivity.
  • Gain initial experience in RPA without committing to a large investment.
  • Establish a path from startup to enterprise adoption with measured success at every step.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Newbury made it really easy for us to learn about RPA and its potential to drive automation within our company. We were able to go from concept to implementation of our first bot in just a few weeks, allowing us to realize immediate benefit. We’ve deployed 10 different bots to date and will continue to pursue an enterprise adoption strategy with Newbury.”

Paul Bickford, Director of Enterprise Systems
Apex Systems – Richmond, VA

“Our first bot parses customer purchase orders and creates the corresponding sales order in our ERP system. Newbury’s experience and assistance to help us work through this challenging use case was instrumental in our success.”

Jeanne Imbrogno, VP Customer Services
AMAG Technology – Hawthorne, CA

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